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Facilitating Learning Online

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FLO Fundamentals

FLO – Fundamentals

FLO-Fundamentals introduces research-based adult and online learning concepts, principles and strategies that can make online facilitating fun and effective. This course will help you enhance skills needed to confidently and effectively facilitate online learning.

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FLO – Synchronous 

This 3-week course introduces participants to best practice strategies to plan for, facilitate and follow up after facilitating synchronous online learning events. You see and learn from examples of synchronous online facilitation and, if desired, practice synchronous online facilitation skills in a safe environment.

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FLO – Design

FLO-Design is a complementary course to FLO-Fundamentals, which supports educators to learn how to facilitate learning in asynchronous environments. FLO-Design is focused on important elements of educational design and the intentional steps to developing effective learning environments.

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FLO-MicroCourseFLO – MicroCourse

FLO – MicroCourses are short, single-topic, hands-on/practical and free. In one week, you will dip into the FLO experience, and leave with something practical. In one week you will have an opportunity to dip into the FLO experience, and leave with something practical and useful for your own teaching practice.

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FDO – Facilitator Development Online

This course is about learning how to (co)facilitate FLO (Facilitating Learning Online) courses, which are about learning how to facilitate learning more effectively. We spend 2 weeks in a community of supportive peers, reviewing and planning for our first FLO facilitation experience.

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